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A full-fledged Spotify Clone demonstrating the power of modern web technologies. Experience a sleek and dynamic user interface, robust backend functionality, and a seamless payment system, all built from scratch.

Web Project
Spotify Clone
Use Case
Music Player


Built with Next.js and React, the application ensures a seamless, single-page experience. It features a sleek and responsive interface, crafted using Tailwind CSS, to emulate the acclaimed UI of Spotify. The interface is fully responsive, providing compatibility across all devices.

For authentication, the application utilizes Supabase, a modern alternative to Firebase. Supabase enables secure user registration and login processes, including OAuth via Github. Additionally, it offers powerful database management capabilities, allowing the creation of schemas and data manipulation using PostgreSQL.

The application also integrates with Stripe, enabling premium subscriptions within the platform. It handles recurring payments, subscription management, and service cancellations efficiently.

Key features include efficient song upload management, creation and management of playlists, favoriting songs, and an interactive music player. Supabase storage supports file and image uploads, while react-hook-form and react-toast handle form validation and error handling.

Data fetching in server React components directly accesses the database, eliminating the need for an API. The project also demonstrates route handling for POST, GET, and DELETE requests, and manages relations between Server and Child components in real-time environments.

Technologies Used

  • Stripe Checkout
  • Supabase
  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • PostgreSQL
  • React Hook Form
  • React Toast

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