Meet Allan Hillman - My strength is collaboration

Working in synergy with cross-functional teams has always enabled me to achieve the best results.

As a Front-End Engineer, I bring ideas to life in the digital world. With extensive experience in popular CMS platforms like Shopify and WordPress, I have honed my skills in HTML, SCSS, JS, React.js, Next.js, AWS, and Vercel.

I craft user-friendly interfaces for an exceptional online experience. My passion fuels my continuous learning, helping me to deliver top-notch results, on time. Always excited for new challenges, I strive to deliver exceptional digital experiences that engage and delight users.

Years of Experience
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My Philosophy - Aligning Excellence, Balance, and Passion

I believe in delivering quality while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

  • Dedication. Committed to every project, I produce high-quality work illustrating my commitment to every project.
  • Versatility. Leveraging my adaptable work ethic, I manage projects with care and efficiency across environments.
  • Empathy. Understanding that everyone has their unique challenges, I ensure to communicate effectively and kindly.

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