Projects - Authentication using Firebase with Next.js

This guide outlines Firebase Authentication in a Next.js app. It employs email/password setup and error handling with React Hot Toast, resulting in secure user authentication deployed on Firebase Hosting.

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Firebase Auth Guide
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Project Setup: Start with setting up the Next.js application and configuring it for usage with Tailwind CSS and ESLint. The project is then updated, and the development server is started to ensure everything works as intended.

Firebase Authentication: Learn how to create a Firebase project and set up Firebase Authentication. This detailed walkthrough includes instructions on enabling email and password authentication methods in the Firebase console.

Integration with Next.js: Discover how to integrate Firebase with your Next.js application. This involves adding the Firebase SDK and configuring Firebase using the provided Firebase configuration.

React Hot Toast for Error Handling: Explore the installation and usage of React Hot Toast, a popular library for displaying notifications in a React app. It will help you effectively handle and display errors during the authentication process.

Protected Routes: Ensure that only authenticated users can access specific pages by creating protected routes. This tutorial guides you through the process using the React Context API to share the authentication state globally within the app.

Form Controls Component: Manage the form layout of sign-up and sign-in pages with a custom Form Controls Component.

Sign-Up and Sign-In Pages: Conclude the tutorial with a detailed, step-by-step guide on creating and configuring sign-up and sign-in pages.

Technologies Used

  • Next.js
  • React.js
  • Firebase
  • React Toast
  • Tailwind CSS

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